Guided Wedding Meditation

Are you looking for a good starting place to plan your dream day? How about your own mind?

To The Moon & Back

If you decide to take the path of the dreamer, allow yourself to find a quiet, comfortable space where you will not be disturbed. Once here, start with several deep breaths until you find yourself in a natural breathing rhythm. This may take a few moments, especially if you are new to meditation, so don’t be discouraged! If you keep having thoughts pop into your mind, acknowledge them without pursuing them. Let them drift away, knowing they will return to you in the right timing. (I also find it helpful to make a to-do list before I meditate. That way, there will be fewer interruptions that will cloud my mind when I’m trying to get in my zone(: )

After your thoughts have settled and your breathing has become the center of your focus, it’s time to set your intention. For this particular meditation, we are choosing to focus on setting the tone for your wedding day.

The process for discovering your wedding day vibe is all about feeling deeply, so I will ask you to pretend in your mind that your big day has come. Start to imagine it all around you. You wake up, what time is it? Are you at home? What are you having for breakfast? Who is around? Just follow your yellow brick road as it leads you through your ideal wedding day. Take a few moments to check in and see where you are and the decor that surrounds you. Are you indoors? Outdoors?

What time of the day is it? Follow yourself later down the path. By now, you are seeing your partner for the first time. What’s that emotion? What’s that thought? Was there a hitch in their breath? What are they wearing? Listen for songs you may hear faintly in the background and watch the colors that float through your mind. It may seem a little far fetched to go this in depth to imagine your day like this but, don’t rush yourself for the answers.  Just immerse yourself in the world of visualization and see what comes to you along the way.

Once you feel like you have a grasp on your “vision”, take a moment to bring yourself back to the present and write down the words or visuals that came to you during your meditation. From here, I like to take my list a step farther by researching them and saving my favorite ideas into mood boards.

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