How are you going to wear your hair?

This is the age old question that rings in every bride’s ears as they describe their bridal look to pretty much everyone-besides, maybe your dad, who loves you, and means well, but, much like your fiancé( not to stereotype ALL partners), doesn’t think it’s THAT big of a decision in the grander scheme of things(we know better).

Will everyone still love and adore you no matter what your hair looks like? Absolutely, you are surrounded by people who could see you with throw up everywhere and still love you. (Fingers crossed that isn’t a wedding prediction for you or anyone else in your bridal party) But, back to the point, hair is definitely a crucial point to think about when bringing your vision to life.

Just like your gown, it all depends on your “feel”. What kind of bride do you want to be?

Its very often that I’ll hear women in the bridal shop sharing hair related thoughts.

“Maybe something soft and romantic?”

“How do you feel about tousled curls??”

“I’d really like If you’d wear babies breath, like I did, when your father and I got married.”

There are SO many options it can be overwhelming!  I mean, when else have to analyzed your relationship with tousled curls??

This, like a lot of decisions in the wedding process, needs to be based off of YOUR wants, with, a dash of practicality. Though, I am a big believer that one should be receptive to the guidance of others; it can’t be forgotten that you are the one making the choices. Now where to start on all of this?

First question, do you have your dress yet?

,If not, you may want to hang out in the preemptive, brainstorming stage a little longer. Your gown tends be a huge piece in planning your bridal look, and once you’ve found it, decisions like hair and jewelry come together much more effortlessly.

If you do have your gown, you’ll want to consider if there are any special parts to it that would be covered if your hair was styled one way versus another. Once you’ve weighed that out and made a decision. Start considering the weather and your activity level. Is the venue indoors or outside? Will it be humid? How sweaty will you be? Notice, I didn’t say WILL you be sweaty-I asked HOW sweaty, because you are going to be busy all day long and that paired with a hint of jitters can leave us a pretty warm.

Depending on the length of your hair, different considerations must be made first, such as up vs. down. My initial suggestion if you have that option is almost always up, which I will explain further in a minute. But, First! I want  to shout out to my shorter haired brides! I’ve heard so many of these women express disinterest when it comes to talking about their hairstyle for their wedding day.

“I’ll probably wear it like this, it’s too short to do anything else with anyway.”

No way! If you want to wear it like you do every day, that is fine by me! BUT, I don’t want the reason to be length! I want it to be a preference! You have just as many choices to define your bridal style as the Rapunzel girls do! There are just different things to consider.

One of the main hair related focuses for my shorter haired ladies is hair jewelry.

One of my favorite Blush hair pieces

Hair jewelry allows you to create balance between your head and the silhouette of your gown. Through hairpieces you are able to convey a deeper sense of your vision. It also makes quite the statement, especially on shorter manes. It’s the icing on the cake so to speak! So take the time to consider what will decorate your head. Will it be something sentimental or something of great beauty? What lines up best with your intent?

For my brides considering flowers in their hair- do you research! Be specific! Not only, should you find out what you like, and what’s in season. (More on that in my upcoming floral blog) But, look into the language of flowers. Many people wear their Nana’s broach to keep her close on a day like this.

What if you could do something similar with the promises you intend to make to your partner? Could there be a deeper meaning to the crown of violets and forget-me-nots stuck on your mind? It might be interesting to find out. This research also adds a little more spiritual presence to your bridal vision, even brides who wouldn’t refer to themselves as spiritual by any sense of the word can have some fun with it. Floral symbolism goes deeper than vanity, much like a lasting love. Once you are able to see the symbolism of those little blossoms spry atop your head, they are transformed into visual reminders of your commitments in love. How’s that for a little wedding magic? 

Now, if you’re a bride with long locks and considering having your hair down, this next scenario is for you. You wake up, and start getting ready. Once half your make up is on, the cameras start clicking, photos of you putting on your earrings, pictures of you hugging your aunt, a group shot with your crew, etc.…

Then, a location change to either the ceremony site or outside because, the lighting is great. Wherever you are, you’re in front of the lens. Now, fast forward-the ceremony is about to start and it’s highly photographed, surprise, surprise. You’ve barely had a moment to breathe much less, retouch the curls in your hair from 3 1/2 hours ago.

I don’t know about you, but, at this point, I’d be a lotta anxious, probably already sweaty and busy praying about more than the humidity killing my do. That’s a lot going on and we aren’t even to bridal photos or the reception yet.

Do you see where I’m going with all of this? You’ll be in constant motion, and all eyes will be on you every minute.

*Pause to think about how exhausting celebrity life must be. *

So, time for a mental check in – how’s your hair holding up? This isn’t even factoring in all the boogying down you’ll be doing as soon as the DJ drops that throwback jam that your maid of honor requested. After all, who knows your champagne brain better than her? 

Even if you have the world’s best hairspray, are you willing to bet your bridal look on it? The fact of the matter is, it’s much too big of a detail to gamble on. When you have your hair pulled up it stays put. It’s off your neck, you’re sweating less and you don’t have to worry about your curls getting that wet dog look halfway through the night.

Not only does an updo keep you cool under pressure, but, there’s a certain level of classic romanticism conveyed by it. You can still have your soft tendrils or wispies to frame your face, if that’s what you want. Updos have incredible versatility because you can achieve something sleek and clean as well as loose and effortless while keeping it up.It all circles back around to your bridal vision.

Still feeling adamant on keeping your hair down? Have your curler, hairspray, bobby pins and dry shampoo on hand for the night.

Or of course, you could always opt for a third choice, it’s the have your cake and eat it too option. Reach out to your hairstylist! See if it is possible for her to sweep your hair up after your nuptials and the first round of photos to offer you a little versatility.

So, after you’ve scrolled through several hours of Pinterest, consulted with your sister,coworker and next door neighbor on which French roll is your favorite, then comes time to consider what’s going in your hair and where it’s being put. If you are intending to have a comb or pin in your hairdo, it’s helpful to have those in your possession prior to your hair trial. (It makes for a much easier placement process.)

PS) take photos to remind your stylist of your look later!

*Other helpful tip* If you are able to schedule your hair trial and your gown pick up for the same day, do it! This will allow you the best sneak peak to your wedding day look.

Once you’ve made all those choices, it’s time to make one more call, are you a veil person? There’s no wrong answer, but, there will be an answer and it may surprise you. The only way to find out is to try on a couple! I have an entire entry devoted to veils coming up so stayed tuned! But for now, focus on the hair task at hand. Happy envisioning!

Trust the process and pour some Prosecco!



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