MY Bridal Haven

How a brush with fate led me home.

As you are getting to know me, I thought it would be ideal for my first entry to be on how I stumbled upon the bridal store, Blush, that I now lovingly refer to as home.  Though I wasn’t here for Blush’s conception, I’ve had the honor of participating in the stores growth. Like many, Blush, caught me by surprise. I wandered into the store on a whim. I wasn’t in the market for a wedding dress or even a new job.

It was my day off, class wouldn’t be in session for nearly another week and I was in the mood for an adventure. It was the new year after all and my intuition whispered that an opportunity might just be on the horizon.
Not knowing what that could possibly mean, I pondered the thought as I drove aimlessly towards my favorite coffee shop, thinking I’d probably hit the bookstore to mull over the idea afterward.

As luck would have it, I missed my turn and ended up on Benson Street, home of the country’s largest bridal district. As I crossed over the railroad tracks, I began admiring all of the beautiful gowns standing proudly in each store window.
“What an exciting time in a person’s life.” I thought, as a group of giggling girls passed by on the hunt for someone’s perfect dress.
I meandered on, coming close to the end of the district when a particular storefront caught my eye. I’m sure as you could guess, the storefront belonged to Blush Bridal.

With such an inviting entrance the girly girl in me just had to stop to take a peek inside. I pushed the door open, and stepped in from the cold. Immediately, I was greeted by a warm voice and a friendly face. This was Jami, store manager and everyone’s dearest friend.
Before I knew it, I can hear myself blurting out the words…

Are you hiring??” Now, a job interview wasn’t exactly what I had planned on the agenda for my day, but, sometimes fate drops something so good into your lap that you just have to run with it.
It was in the time that followed that I realized I’ve been brought to Blush to be a part of something bigger than myself. Blush truly is a labor of love for everyone on the staff. We are a group of empowered women who not only want to help you find your gown but, we want to support your journey, hear your laughter and define your style. This isn’t just a job for us, it’s a calling.
What I believe sets Blush apart from the other twelve stores on the street goes far beyond our incredible gown selection. It’s our spirit; our store has its own heartbeat. One could call it an energy. Blush draws you in, let’s you take down your hair and realizes your Bridal vision in a room FULL of support.

With an atmosphere that focuses on knowing you as a person and you as bride,I was able to find my niche. I believe that I owe my love for the bridal industry as a whole to this store. Blush taught me from the beginning that everyone here values each minute you spend with us, whether you are the bride, mom, or supportive friend-from the first time you walk through our door to our final hug goodbye, you are being heard.

As a person who strives for constant authenticity and deeper connections, this was such a welcome change from the “regular” business world, where the meaning of work rarely surpassed getting a paycheck.
Now, I’m truly part of a team, where it’s our personal mission to help you make your dream a reality. Can you talk about coolest job in the world??

We get to spend our days with you, helping to find YOUR gown, you know, the one. The one that goes beyond the word “unique”. It’s the dress that showcases your inner and your outer beauty while embracing you like a second skin.

This is a task that none of us take lightly. However, we do have a blast while we go through the process of educating you on your preferences and hunting the racks to find your one and only.
Thanks for taking the time to read my very first posting! If you are interested in paying us ladies at Blush a visit, check out our page to book an appointment! 

Stay tuned World! Good things to come

Trust the process and pour some prosecco!


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