Questions To Ask Your Bridal Stylist

You’ve got questions! We have answers!

In order to make an informed decision, sometimes you need to ask A LOT of questions! We don’t mind at all! We understand this is a big purchase and we want to make sure you have all the knowledge you’ll need!

-Are these sample gowns or off the rack?

-What is the expected delivery for this gown?

-What color is this considered?

-Do you have photos of this dress in other colors?

-Who is the designer?

-Does it come in other shades? E.g: white, nude, ivory, french beige

-Can you show me what this would look like bustled?

-What size is this gown? How will this look change when it’s in my size?

-How much can this be taken in or out, if my weight fluctuates?

-Do I pay a deposit? Do you offer payment plans?

-Can the neckline be altered without compromising the gown?

-Is there any way to get a material swatch?

-Is it possible to add or remove crinoline?

-Can I add straps?

-Can parts of this dress be lined or filled?

-Are there features that can be customized by the manufacturer? E.g: higher neckline, extended train, shortened length

-Can I order extra material?

-May I see this with a veil? -what length do you recommend?

-How will this look hemmed?

-When do I pay my balance?

-What happens after I pick up my gown?

-How should I store my gown?

-Will my dress need to be steamed?

-Is there a seamstress you recommend?

-What does the average bride spend on alterations?

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