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“I am contacting you because I wanted tell you about my journey to finding my dream wedding dress in your store. I use the word journey and here’s why…

I had an appointment with a store in the bridal district in Cincinnati on a Thursday evening, the company must have forgotten about me because they closed the store early that day without warning. My mom and I were left hopeless and we decided, “since we’re here, let’s go and look at other stores.” Not a single shop we walked into gave us the time of day, they said we needed to have an appointment- even though no one was in the store! We went in to blush bridal (after going to four other shops) and your girls were unbelievably kind! They graciously took us in as if we had an appointment, they genuinely cared about me as a bride and as a person- on this day I was helped by Hannah.

I came back the next day because I could not stop thinking about the dress that I just knew was the one! On this day, without an appointment, I met Jami. She was so sweet and took us under her wing right on the spot and I said yes to my dress!
Yesterday, I had an appointment to pick up my dress at 6pm. I was driving from Florence KY and was stuck in stand still traffic for over two hours. I kept in contact with Jami on the phone and she did EVERYTHING in her power to make sure that I could still have the appointment. Jami said she was closing on her house, so she called another employee (working at another location) to see if they would be willing to come in and help. The other employee (I do not remember her name) was the nicest person, she stayed after and took her time with us and made me feel SO special!

I just wanted to thank you and your girls from the bottom of my heart for how they have treated me! On my first visit, I felt overwhelmingly welcome, I had never had such a positive experience! That is, until my second visit, when I felt genuinely cared for and accepted. Little did I know, my third visit would exceed every expectation I had for a bridal boutique! In this special time where seemingly everything is changing, details are being finalized, and plans are being made, Blush Bridal has made me feel like a priority – from the first un-appointed moment to the last.

Blush Bridal has earned a lifetime of recommendations from me and to anyone I know!:”

“The entire staff at this store is amazing! They make you feel welcome and treat you as though they’ve known you forever. Great store to shop at if you want a dress you can’t find anywhere else. I especially love the Ashley & Justin line!”

“I drove from Dayton to check out some of the shops in the Bridal District.  I’m so glad I popped in to Blush!  Jami showed me gowns that I had never seen before! I fell in love and came back with my mom to try some on.  Blush Bridal is definitely the Best Bridal Shop in Dayton!  It was so worth the drive!”

“I spent a full Saturday with my Mom Squad shopping for dresses. Of the three boutiques we visited, Blush Bridal was the one that made our day.  They took the time to make sure my entire party felt comfortable and had plenty of tissues. They have an exquisite selection of quality dresses for nearly any budget and will invest their time and wonderful hearts into helping you see the beautiful bride you can become. Thank you, Ladies of Blush Bridal, for making my bridal gown shopping experience so amazing!”

“They have amazing dresses and I did a walk in yesterday and found the one I love and the girls are so friendly and made me feel comfortable and it was just a amazing experience.”

“I had the best experience at Blush Bridal. Jami was so great! She made my day fun and relaxing! Words can’t describe how great my day was and how happy I am that I said yes to the dress at Blush Bridal. I will definitely be recommending Blush Bridal to all of my friends! Thank you Jami and every one at Blush Bridal!”

“As the, mother-of-the-bride, I would love to share that our experience at brush bridal was wonderful! I truly loved every minute we were there! So relaxing! So easy! If you’re looking for a wedding dress, brush bridal is a must stop visit!”

“There is a reason Blush is one of the top bridal shops in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky – it’s the personal attention and the exclusive gowns!  I love mine and can’t wait for my fiance to see me in it!”

“Hands down the best experience I had yesterday was here with Jami! She was over the top helpful with everything, and very eager to help me find the perfect dress. As a plus size bride, it isn’t always “fun” trying on clothes so I figured wedding dress shopping would be no different! (I was wrong) Jami didn’t make me feel self conscious in anyway. As a matter of fact, I forgot I was even a plus size while there! Lol!!! As a very nervous bride to be I had already visited 3 shops in town and had one more appointment scheduled before heading back to Kentucky. I was getting discouraged because at this point I had tried on between 40-50 gowns.The entire atmosphere when stepping through the door was different than what I had been in all day. It was almost relaxing. Jami, very interested, took in every detail of my special day, studied me for a minute or two reading into everything I was saying and on the first try selected the perfect dress. I probably stayed in this dress 20 minutes (maybe more) just getting the feel for it, and I realized I didn’t want to take it off. That’s how I knew it was the one. Jami was very patient, very kind, energetic and very appreciative of our business. I have already recommended her and her beautiful shop to brides to be and I will continue to do so. Thank you for such an incredible experience, I will truly never forget it.