Where Are The White Wedding Gowns??

As women file into our store on early Saturday mornings, I watch their eyes scan our racks as they try to catch a glimpse of their dream gown. One of the most common questions I get asked as brides approach a nude colored dress- “Can this come in white?” Sometimes the answer is yes,but, often times the answer is- it can come in ivory! Ivory? Isn’t that the same thing?? Well, not exactly! It’s pretty close! In fact, everyone at your wedding won’t notice the difference.

But, what happened to the white dresses and what’s the reason behind bridal’s expanded their color palette??

Society’s progression! Over time, we have come to realize that pure white isn’t always the most flattering option for everyone. They have a tendency to photograph with a blue cast and it can wash some out, while leaving others feeling stark. On one of the most important and photographed days of your life, you shouldn’t have to wear anything that makes you feel less than a million bucks! Which is why bridal has expanded its repertoire!

Sometimes this is a harder concept to grasp, especially, for your old school relatives who want their girl in the whitest gown on the street. Never fear! White gowns have not gone extinct! So, if you stuck on a white dress, it can still happen-it may just take a little extra work! Many times, I find that it ivory options are so close to white that your Nana won’t blink an eye when you walk down the aisle in it. Boutiques typically carry only a couple true white gowns in store, if any at all. If they happen to have one, see how it works on your skin tone before ordering anything in pure white (many designers have the option to order white, even if it isn’t an example present)! Be sure to ask about color options if this is important to you!

Every designer has a different name for the shades of dresses they design. But, it’s common to hear color names such as ivory, champagne, beige, blush and nude. While you may love a blush colored gown from Ashley & Justin, you may feel a different designer’s blush looks “too pink” once it’s on. The best way to experiment with tones comes from a little trial and error!

As a generation, we are breaking down social norms and molding a world built for the people we are– this is so beautiful to me as I see it reflected in the wedding industry! Your wedding day is a day that you want to feel like a bride, but even more so, you want you to feel like yourself.Here’s to self expression through your dress-whatever that may mean to you! I’ve seen some stunning brides walk down the aisle in everything from dove blue to midnight black. Embrace your inner goddess because, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what color you are married in; it matters how you feel and how you love.

Trust the process and pour some Prosecco!



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