Your Bridal Vision

Setting the vibe for your day

One of the first things I ask my brides to do when we sit down, is for them to describe their wedding day to me. I also ask for them to share any mood boards that they may have created. Setting a “feel” for your day may seem like a no brainer, but, this is often a overlooked step and women are left a little puzzled when comes to describing exactly what they want. No matter your wedding size, your vision rules it! Creating a vision is crucial to make sure everyone is on the same page about your desires for the big day. Without an intended feel, brides can be a bit scatterbrained as they go to make choices, hoping they all mesh together. It’s time to put your brain power and the internet to good use! They are on our side after all!

When I look at your bridal mood board, I look for commonalities in order to find my footing into your vision. From there, I normally ask a lot of questions and show you a ton of examples-all inspired by, you guessed it, your vision! In today’s day in age, your descriptive words and mood boards have become a vendor’s way to map out your daydream.

In order for us to create a mood board, we first should start with your wedding day vision. Your vision will act as your compass, as you make your way through various wedding related choices. If you haven’t picked a “theme” or feel for your day, I highly suggest starting with a wedding centered meditation. Meditation is an awesome life skill that we as humans don’t use to our full advantage. I have linked directions to a self guided meditation for setting your vibe below!

Wedding Meditation:

Once you’ve dreamed up a feel for your day, start collecting verbiage to describe it. From there, take your favorite descriptive words and allow yourself to fall down the Pinterest rabbit hole by combining your moody words with “wedding”. See what pops up! From here, I like to create your wedding day mood board by grouping all of your favorite shots together.

This awesome visual can be emailed or shown to potential vendors as you are describing your tastes.It’s also helpful to pull out when you are explaining to your mom why the lavender napkins shes obsessing over won’t match the other colors you have going on. A picture is worth a thousand words after all, so 10-20 photos portraying the feel will cover your bases. I’ve found that brides wired to be more detail oriented blossom when creating “vision boards” for each subcategory of the wedding. Examples being gown, cake, food, decor..etc…

Not only is a vision helpful to communicate with vendors, family and friends but, as I mentioned earlier, it’ll be your compass for the day. If there comes a time that you need to make a difficult wedding decision, or you get stuck along your path, check with your budget and look towards your vision to point you in the right direction. Wedding planning is the perfect combination of dreamin’ and schemin’.



With your intended vision in mind, it is time to take on the bridal world! Throughout your planning process, you may find that your vision morphs ever so slightly. That’s totally normal, so, allow yourself a little flexibility in the dreams department. One place that I see this a lot is in women’s gown selection. If its your dress, its your dress, no matter what your feel so, you don’t worry about changing everything you’re doing in order to accommodate it. It only gets worrisome when a bride has become overexposed and overwhelmed. This is where we start seeing 10 different types of weddings being simultaneously planned by the same person(which is the whole reason why we created your compass in the beginning!) If this is something you are personally struggling with, look for my upcoming post on what do to when you are overexposed! Until then, stayed tuned!


Trust the process and pour some Prosecco!



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