Your First Bridal Appointment

What to expect…

Alright, you’ve picked the date, you’ve done your research, and you’ve invited your crew. What happens now?

Now, you walk through our door!

I’d say it’s normal to expect a warm welcome and a place to sit at almost any shop! At Blush, we like to take the time to get to know you and your vision a little better before we proceed. After we are both on the same page, we will begin our hunt through the racks for your perfect dress. Try to be open minded through this process while remaining clear about your budget! From here, we head towards the dressing room and determine our batting order. Depending on your level of comfort-ability your stylist will help you in and out of your gowns! We will be clipping, pulling and tucking a bunch of random places to make sure you can see the vision. We want the most accurate version of how this gown will work with your body when it’s in your size, because, often times it’s not. Next, we go show your fan club! Don’t be intimidated by the pedestal!!You are a beautiful person, who is surrounded by a group of people who are there to love and support you on this journey!!

If, you hate something, that’s okay! You don’t have to wear it home!! We will just take it off and move on. It’s imperative that through this experience you are communicating with your stylist. Make sure you are telling them EVERYTHING about the gown that you LOVEAND HATE. This is where we become real life Nancy Drew’s following the clues to your dream gown.

If your opinions differ from your party, tell your stylist how you really feel. Sometimes this is easier while you are in the fitting room. She’s here to make sure YOU get exactly what you want for your wedding gown. This happens more than one would think, so your stylist will be skilled at gearing your tribe towards the gowns of you preference! Not only do we know our inventory, but, we are trained to know what will work for different body types! Use us as your resource!

After a little while,we will begin to determine what gowns fall in your “bridal look” and soon, the rest is cake! From there you will begin to focus on picking “the one”

Look for the blog on deciding on the one soon!

Trust the process & pour some Prosecco!



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