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Wedding planning is A LOT of weighing out your options. Of all of the things you’ve got in the works,a timeline is up there on the list. How long will your journey as an engaged person be? Before we get into specific details that could dictate a certain time of the year over another, lets check in with you and your partner. Is there an amount of time that feels right? Have a conversation, ask questions. Communication only increases in importance from here on out.

Once you and your fiance have roughed out the outlines for time. Ask yourself, are there specific dates you are more drawn to than others? Then, start checking around with your preferred vendors, is there a location or makeup artist you’ve been dreaming about day and night? What does their availability look like? Does it match up with yours? If not, determine if its worth some flexibility.

As you ponder timing, you’ll want to be aware of various industry standards. One I come across fairly often that tends to surprise people has to do with gown production. Just so you know, the typical wedding gown can take anywhere between 4 to 6 months to come in from the order date. This seems like a long time, I know, but, often they are handmade and then shipped thousands of miles back to you.(This doesn’t even factor in alterations.) So, if you are planning on having a gown ordered or made, plan ahead.

Aside from bridal industry standards, think about other details that may impact your timing. Is it important for your great Aunt who lives in Florida half the year to be there? Are you big into astrology and you want to make sure the stars are aligned? Will you time between now and your wedding to hand make ALL of those programs? Are peonies a must have in your bridal bouquet? All of these are time dependent factors that will take a little consideration.

All in all, as long as you are being thoughtful, proactive and flexible, you are will do great. I have linked a generalized wedding timeline below if you need some inspiration. Happy Planning!

Trust the process & pour some Prosecco!



(PS: If you’re really into Peonies, they bloom for a short time between late spring and early summer.)

Wedding Planning General Timeline:

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